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June 23rd, 2017       FRIDAY
Session 12 Supply Chain Communication, Exposure scenarios, safe use of chemicals
08:00-09:45 Chair   
35' How to ensure business continuity in the value chain; The increasing need for global supply chain transparency and information on chemicals and how to effectively handle global regulatory challenges and implement regulations by using IT tools and resources Caroline Li, BASF
25' Global supply chain transparency initiatives Erik Shao, UL Supply Chain & Sustainability
20' The value of the CSR and how Supply Chain Communication is critical Kevin Pollard, ECHA
25' Safe use of Chemicals from a downstream users perspective - about Risk Management Measures and Safe Use Mixture Information Leo van der Biessen, Royal HaskoningDHV
09:45-10:15 Coffee break
Session 13 Major Hazard prevention, control and response
10:15-11:35 Chair   
20' Bophal - Seveso - Gulf of Mexico – Tianjin ; lessons (to be) learned by industry in achieving and maintaining process safety excellence NN* 
20' Boosting your Safety Culture and improving process safety levels - Balancing hardware, software and mindware in high risk chemical industry - Leveraging digital information for major hazard control NN* 
20' Hazardous chemicals registration and emergency response in China Jinhe Chen, National Registration Center for Chemicals, China
20' Poison centres – EU example Christian Gründling, FCIO
  20' Panel discussion   
11:35-12:15 40' Q&A on Supply Chain, Risks & Safety All speakers from session
12 and 13
12:15-13:15 Lunch break
Session 14 Roundtable on global risk assessment approaches
13:15–15:00 Chair
20' EU approach on risk assessment Giuseppina Luvarà, European Commission DG Environment
15' North American approach on risk assessment Shaun Clancy, Evonik
15' Brazilian approach on risk assessment Letícia Reis de Carvalho, Ministry of the Environment of Brazil
15' Japanese approach on risk assessment Takashi Fukushima, NITE, Japan
20' Industry perspective on risk assessment Volker Soballa, Evonik
20' Panel discussion
15:00-15:30 Coffee break
Session 15 Practical implementation of GHS
15:30-17:30 Chair Volker Soballa, Evonik
20' GHS implementation in Asia-Pacific NN* 
20' EU CLP regulation Christian Gründling, FCIO
30' GHS implementation in the Americas, including overview of country specific chemical control legislation in Latin America Nhat Nguyen, 3E Company
30' Global Hazard communication and SDS Karon Armstrong, 3M
20' Panel discussion
17:30 End of Conference

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